I work as a decor stylist and writer for interior design magazines. I undertake also interior design
and homestaging.

What is it that makes a picture is attractive and inspiring? My speciality is to find the right props and exciting environments and to be a project manager for the the entire photo shoot. With attention to detail and the requested task, I create along with the photographer spaces and images for editorial assignments and advertising, that conveys the requested feeling. Photographers represented here is Pierre Wester, David Bicho, Jonas Ingerstedt, Niklas Palmklint, Thérèse B.
Katarina Malmström
and Joakim Bergström.

My other speciality is to write compelling and engaging Public Relations and features, communication and marketing. Earlier I had a creative role in designing costumes and sets for film and theater.

I’m passionate for encounters between people and cultures, so keep an eye on my blog,,  and, the network wich invites people to meet IRL.

Give me a call at +46 708-67 26 86 and let’s talk about it!